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Work in progress

Posted by Granfaloon - November 4th, 2017

Sorry for the long wait... 


(animation frame)

Love you all!


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Glad to see that you're still around.

FINNALY!!! Really don`t matter the wait.. i`m sure this was a very good one

Sorry for the bad english :b

This is an epic image, I can only imagine the time and strain it took to put this together. The colors and the crispness of the image are fantastic. Keep up the great work!

OMG ! You're still alive ? So glad to see you back. I hope we can hear some news from you soon.

I can't believe you're still going strong on this. Absolutely looking forward to this!!!

Yes, you live!

Naw this can't be real. You're still doing this? I had a mini-heart attack. This is amazing to know! (Your art improved so much btw)

Hello there, welcome the f*ck back!


The original, once it got to ep.3. Was one of the greatest parodies I've ever seen. Comedy, was absolutely on point and perfect satire. You got all the subtleties of that game, the pathetic Link, annoying Navi you made a hot sassy fairy, Gorons were dumb brutes...I swear, and the timing of the jokes as well. It's just hillarious. You made everything I loved about that game in such an adult humour way and I loved it.

The writing was honestly better than sitcoms on TV or a simpsons episode. It was like a really good Family Guy parody of OoT, but without the annoying characters, and lovable ones you made.

You actually excelled at animation and music at ep.3 and 4. You painted the game, the way I remembered. Fire temple, had that specific view, the field. The direction you took for jokes. Making a MGS reference with miyamoto and Link, then hillarious reaction faces. So many good stupid jokes, I burst with laughter every time. Then in ep.4, you literally made Link look epic while fighting dark link. I appreciated you really stuck the guns to parody, and exaggerated not only for humour, but for how I felt as a kid, dark link was epic as fuck, and that battle had excellent animation.

Lord Jabu Jabu being a fat disgusting lazy shit who watches house. Just so much subtle humour. and in 2012 no less. I'm head over heels, cant wait for the hillarious shit about the Gerudo and the shadow temple. Its gonna be fuckin hillarious.

Followed you for *years.* Missed you, man - thanks for the memories. Anxiously awaiting the next installment! Good luck to you in the future!

I just created the account and was trying to follow you here... Add you by mistake, sorry :x

Anyway... I am excited

My reaction is thus: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qLo0vleNLI4

Am dreaming right ? This is too good to be true.

Finally!!! You live! I can't wait!

my longtime favorite animator finally returns?!?!? <3 <3 <3 oh my heart :D I thought you were never coming back, you have been one of my favorites since like 2005! Glad to have you back :D I can't wait! I wasn't sure if the LOZ series was continuing or not, but I'm glad it is!

Holy Zelda! Oh my Hylia! Your back! I can't wait for The Real Legend of Zelda Episode 5! xD

Its been so long since ive seen the last one thank you

I knew my patience would be rewarded. This is awesome, bro. Can't wait!

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