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2008-07-02 19:11:06 by Granfaloon

Sup everybody! I come to you with bad news hehe, my pc died a while ago and I need to save up for a while to get a new and better one, TRL will have to wait till I get a new one I know it sucks and im sorry for all those waiting for another episode. but it's coming so I hope everybody understands, lets hope this happens soon and well I'll be in touch!


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2008-07-02 19:34:33


will you start VK3 then?

Granfaloon responds:

sure! when I get a new pc :P


2008-07-02 20:22:49

I'm sorry that happened. Did all the data from the episode you were working on get deleted. Also you still haven't responded to my messages and you're not being really nice about not answering them.

Granfaloon responds:

no thats the good news hehe I manage to save the hard drive :P and.. sorry but what message? :S


2008-07-02 22:09:56

Too much porn overloaded the computer ey?

Hope you get it up and running soon, TRL is the best thing since condoms.


2008-07-03 09:54:17

Good thing you have saved the "NG showdown" to your hard drive. Hope your pc get well soon...


2008-07-03 15:05:20

Hey you didn't lose any of the data did you? hope you didn't. :(

Granfaloon responds:

no hehe i saved the hard drive :D


2008-07-03 16:21:00

Well I hope you can get a new computer soon =3

Oh and to "Theonlyshadow" maybe he hasn't responded to you because thousands of other fans send him pm's so why shold he go out of his way just to find and answer yours.


2008-07-03 19:15:32

You didn´t do a save of the disk? That sucks... well... good luck on getting another! :)

Granfaloon responds:

nah i saved the hard drive thank god haha :D


2008-07-04 16:49:10

SO YOU STILL HAVEN'T BOUGHT IT >=(, lol anyway sweet man why dont you put a picture of your Pico day trophy in here or something :D


2008-07-05 06:11:15

The PM'S i sent you and I think I sent some to you on deviantart I'm Johanman


2008-07-05 21:43:53

Thank god... you don´t lose the animation you do for now :D


2008-07-08 14:18:41

that sucks hope u get one soon and when u do how long u think it will be to release trl3 when u get comp?


2008-07-09 02:20:33

Another The Real Legend? Sweet.


2008-07-10 23:38:28

So happy there's another real legend.. So how many episodes of this series to you plan to do?

Granfaloon responds:

the whole game! maybe 8 or 10 i dunno, ill bring them faster you wont have to wait 10 years haha


2008-07-11 20:35:49

Yeah, I've been getting the same problem with my brothers computer because I saved a few of my flash and movie files on his and it blew up, then we got it fixed, and once again it blew up, so we fixed it and TRICE it blew up. Lucky my more important movies and flashes are on my machine. Well, hope you can repair your computer soon and I think your doing a great job. Keep at it.


2008-07-12 17:26:48


i was watching one of your videos zelda

"from zelda" The Screaming that link do when Sara tells link he need to take out the other temples can you tell me how you got it ? plzz /228112



2008-07-13 20:11:29

Live freely


2008-07-18 02:24:20

Sucks about your CPU. I remember a long time ago the origional TRL was the first thing i ever saw on newgrounds and it got me hooked on this site. Cheers man. I hope the next one is as awesome as the first two.


2008-07-21 06:05:54

This is just a excuse!


2008-07-21 12:10:49

What About The Real Legend Im Going to Cry Now TT


2008-07-21 23:40:45

Oh my god I remember you!
I had you on my MSN a while ago, haha!

So strange to come across your profile again. :)
I'm about to go watch your NG Showdown!


2008-07-27 00:05:32

Ah dude that blows ass.. any chance on giving your fans a quick little joke your including? :D


2008-08-02 00:44:12

It's because your using a PC. O_o
Nah, just kidding, it really doesn't matter, they both have their good and bad aspects.
I was wondering if you where going to do another TRL. Good to hear that you are. The computer thing blows, tho.

Coulda been worse. When my laptop's hard drive melted, I couldn't save anything. That includes all my flash projects... :'(

Well, good luck, eh?


2008-08-02 21:53:47

holly cow, is this a true story?


when do you think you'll get a new comp?


2008-08-04 01:26:40

dude the real legends is an awsome series r u going to continue it


2008-08-04 19:27:21

dude that sucks man, i love your animations, they are great. ive had this happen to my computer too but i lost the work i was doing. i loved the real legend it was funny, but i really like VK that show rocks, doing flash like that is really hard i wish i could animate ,ike you dude. well good luck on the PC. hope to see more of your work later.



2008-08-04 20:34:13

* in the voice of a yelling old lady, ill donate a 3 thousand dollars for ur pc fund if u make vk3 , 4 , and 5, in 4 month (if i had the money) lol


2008-08-05 12:16:01



2008-08-09 05:54:47

its ok as just knowing a new 1 is coming is good enuff for me. good luck with getting a new 1


2008-08-15 07:07:18

make vahala knights 3


2008-08-20 16:42:46

ooh that's not good... :'(
Hope you get a new pc soon!


2008-08-29 17:44:52

aren't you rich?


2008-09-07 19:41:03

I am certainly glad to hear that you did not lose your progress on your work, and I look forward with much anticipation to your next valhalla knights episode

Hope you get that computer soon.


2008-09-25 10:10:18

so your going to make a 3 rld finaly to bad your pc died


2008-09-25 21:01:28

it's nice to see that there are still animators on newgrounds that are worth watching


2008-09-29 20:35:40

I loved your Metal Gear awesome, Granfaloon. I vote fifen everyday


2008-09-30 11:14:49

Which Metal Gear awesome? I didn´t see it here :/


2008-10-03 20:35:13

um can you help me but im making a flash and i don't know how to animate it plz help


2008-10-12 00:02:48

cough *The real legend of zelda 3...* cough...


2008-10-15 00:56:25

I hope you can get back to work soon! I'm looking forward to Valhalla Knights 3! On a side note, you sure like partial nudity, huh? XD Lol.


2008-10-16 12:30:44

wow i havent loged on for a while so i just took a look at VALHALLA KNIGHTS 2 and all i could say was WOW!!!!!!!!!!! the drawing was awsome. the little seane where you showed the leaf go down is was perfect. the only down fall about makeing this movie in my eyes that this is going 2 be 1 longass movie the way the story is going at the moment unless there might be some thing i do kno about same thing with the real legend of zelda and part 2 that was a long ass game but he the longer the better keep up the awsome work and make sure your arm does not fall off lol laters :D


2008-10-19 10:08:35

i didnt know you were gonna make one anyway but good luck


2008-10-26 22:17:06

Can u try to make VK3 as soon as possilbe? The first two were awsome man, and the girl was HOTTT


2008-11-01 15:19:55

if u has xp then get a mac even though it runs like shit. if u cant get that get a good system thats quik. i has vista and they say it sucks but it doesn't. OK?


2008-11-01 19:55:06



2008-11-03 23:08:44

im sorry about the computer man, but thank god youre making another trl! thank you so much!


2008-11-04 23:32:14

you didnt make a back-up flash drive?


2008-11-09 00:44:49

hey jaerry. it's me markel. i don't know if you remember me, or if even i'm talking t the same person that i think i'm talking too. but ya, was just wrighting to say what's up.


2008-11-09 20:03:46

hay i think your a realy good animator and with the whole Valhalla Knights animation i think you could get to become as famous as bleach you do know what bleach is right? wb soon


2008-11-17 02:37:07

can you give an expectation of VHN#3 will be done :) animation is insane and i love the consept you could make more than jsut 10 episodeds of it cause you started out with none to spicifics and this could really evolve But thats jsut my union ( and yes i ment to say union) :)


2008-11-18 17:42:37

Hi Jerry, I'm a huge fan of your work, and can't wait until your next flash. I also want your advice, you see, I like to write and my brother likes to draw, so we've decided to eventually create anime and manga, but we don't own a very good pc, or know of any programs for the computer to help get us started with flash animation. Can you help?