A streak of hope!

2010-07-05 13:21:03 by Granfaloon

haha what's up again! looks like Il be having more time to animate due to my resignation on sep/15/2010
Im moving to a nother city with a new bussiness plan, thats gonna give me more time to animate an do the things I love thank God! In the mean time like Ive been doing it,I'll animate in the free bits of time I have.
Thnx all of you for your support on the last post!
Ill keep ya informed :P


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2010-07-05 13:25:40

Good luck! What city are you moving to?

Granfaloon responds:

Thnx bro I'll need it haha and I'm moving to Playa del carmen, near Cancun. (south of Mexico).


2010-07-05 13:32:22

i <3 u


2010-07-05 13:53:30

good luck man, and i'm glad you'll be able to animate more!
I love love love love love your stuff.


2010-07-05 13:53:44

Will you have anything for robot day?

Granfaloon responds:

I had some spare time last week and made an ilustration, you can check it on my gallery :P


2010-07-05 14:10:59

Where have you been all this time? I've missed you and all of your flashes soooo much! Good to have you back and good luck with your working life.


2010-07-05 14:13:32

Sweet! Good luck with all that dude! Hope to see more animations from you in the future, then! ^__^


2010-07-05 16:44:53

dang. long time.


2010-07-05 19:39:14

Looking forward to more stuff from you. You don't just make little animations, you make timeless classics.


2010-07-05 21:11:46

i've got a question for you.
is your last name bervelt?
or at least something like that?

Granfaloon responds:

Haha no It's Padilla :D


2010-07-05 21:34:29

goodluck, granfaloon!

by the way, on a scale of 1 to 100 how close are you to finishing "The real legend 4"?

Granfaloon responds:

Im like 25% of the way hehe


2010-07-07 00:41:38

I'm glad you are still there dude, kudos for your great work in the animation of TRL and looking forward for the fourth part :D


2010-07-07 22:29:03

your back! i missed you so much. cant wait for valhalla 3 =)


2010-07-08 14:11:25

yay ive been waiting for this one for a long time. i hope this one will be a killer


2010-07-12 08:00:42

its good to know that all the troubles are cleared :D don't ever feel bad when your unable to work on your animations, like plenty other people said your life doesn't revolve around us :D


2010-07-12 16:57:30

good luck on Playa del carmen

i´m waiting for your proyects

no se si entiendas español, pero que te vaya bien
saludos desde Morelia Michoacan (Mexico)

Granfaloon responds:

haha si, yo soy de guadalajara :P chido carnal!


2010-07-13 00:51:09

dont worry about us you come first your life comes before your fans


2010-07-14 08:32:23

If you Finsh THe TLOZ then make a majors or whatervers mask!
Plz commnt!


2010-07-28 15:41:16

Good luck in Playa Del Carmen! And does this mean you'll have time to finish more episodes of valhalla knights? :D


2010-07-31 01:38:47

just keep your great animations coming!! ^O^


2010-08-07 12:14:34

I'm looking forward to The Real Legend 4. I hope you finish the series. It's too good to leave it be after only 3 episodes.


2010-08-14 23:21:07

Good luck man, cant wait to see more of your stuff!


2010-08-15 00:35:50

It's good to hear news! My family can't wait for The Real Legend of Zelda 4! Take the time to make a beautiful and hilarious one like the last, because they're priceless!

I've waited up the 2nd, waited on the 3rd, and I'm willing to wait more ( a bit more) on the 4th. Keep up the animation projects!


2010-08-15 18:27:42

WAHH! Finally :) I missed you sooooooooo much. Your work is the bestest >:D
Good luck with everything you dooo!


2010-08-27 23:46:38

buenas carnal, aqui unos amigos y yo estamos esperando el nuevo capitulo de link, y estoy seguro que sera algo increible asi que te deseo mucha suerte el tus proyectos y a echarle ganas



2010-09-07 02:18:07

Hey, good luck! Remember, I'll always be available for a voice or three!


2010-09-14 06:02:12

Yo, you should do a Pico Flick :D

Make it Actiony, from you it be epic as heck.

Loved "FEAR"

Little girls running away in terror, it's soo adorable!


2010-09-14 17:21:00

duuuuude!!! i love ur stuff!! the real legend 3 was the best!! i love the detail put into it :3 oh, and one question. when are u releasing the next Legend?? on the 15th or was that the date of something else?? :P


2010-09-15 04:01:35

Good luck with the move and the new job and the animating and all that.

So which project are you going to update first? Personally, I rather liked your Valhalla Knights series, even if it's a sorta overdone concept, but hopefully I'll get round to watching Real Legend as well.


2010-09-17 23:16:17

did u get ur chance


2010-09-26 18:10:09

The real legend is funny as freakin' hell! How close are you to releasing #4?


2010-10-03 19:42:49

Good luck with everything. Hope you finish the Real Legend 4 soon. Take your time though, we don't want to rush it. We've waited a year, a few more months aren't gonna kill us.


2010-10-12 01:53:36

Hey diggity dog, I just got done watching your Real Legend series - it was awesome how much better and more refined the series got as it went along! The fact that there's a gap of literal years between each installment doesn't make me too optimistic about a sequel any time soon, but I really hope you get around to it eventually!


2010-10-15 09:43:16

Dude plz hurry and make #4 in the real legend big fan ...


2010-10-23 02:40:00

my moms last name is padilla too
dont you are from tijuana or jalisco?


2010-10-24 22:11:14



2010-10-31 21:42:03

dude i would be grateful if you make alt of episode of link '' like how he makes his friends or gets into trouble lol that would be great


2010-11-04 08:53:36

hey I thought I'd make a suggestion: Why don't you, after you've finished the real legend, make a prequel of those series, of the first 3 dungeons. Because I really liked the part where Link and Navi are in the ass of the giant whale fish thingy :D


2010-11-05 16:49:15



2010-11-07 02:34:03

Make the 4th real legend soon!

i am dying to see what happens to link in the ice caverns!


2010-11-12 19:23:25

Dude please finish up i want to see how you depict the shadow temple XD


2010-12-09 09:17:48

I'm not trying to push you or something, but can you update plz?
Just to know if you are still animating =)
Loyal fan =D