Voice Actors Needed! for The Real Legend of Zelda 4

2010-12-23 12:41:17 by Granfaloon

TRLoZ is now on the works and dont worry its not starting, its about half way through and now that I have more time FINALY to animate you can expect it to be finished around january or beginings of february :D, Sorry to keep you waiting years for each episode, thats gonna change now dont worry.

So I Hope I'll be counting with excelent Voice Talents like Francine Louise, Tine Riss, Lucien, Joshua Tomar, FP among others that I hope can fill some of these character shoes.

King Zora: nasty fat voice, not too anoying.
Amoeba: Sean William Scott kinda voice (or any cool type of voice).

If you think you can make a fiting voice even if its not what im asking above, feel free to send your demo as well!

If interested please Email me at bolt009@hotmail.com with a short demo of the voice
you'd like to play.
Also please send mp3 files top quality.
Peace to all have a great christmas!!

Voice Actors Needed! for The Real Legend of Zelda 4


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2010-12-23 12:45:11

I shall answer the call and send you an e-mail very soon.


2010-12-23 13:39:05

You could always go with Rina Chan, she lives in a video game.

Granfaloon responds:

Holy crap she's good! haha thnx bro! I'll see if I have some female acting that needs to be done.


2010-12-23 14:11:20

Please, for the love of christ, do not listen to Luis under any circumstance.

Actually she might voice a good navi because of how annoying her voice is.


2010-12-23 14:12:15

Disregard that, don't listen to Luis.


2010-12-23 14:24:28

lol just tryin to help CannabisClock!


2010-12-23 14:40:55

cast wilford brimley for king zora


2010-12-23 14:42:02

Yeah I know I ain't hatin or anything, I'm just saying Rina Chan is as terrible as she is overused.


2010-12-23 14:42:52

I think King Zora should sound like an Italian mob boss. Like Vito Corleone. Doesn't he look like a mob boss?

Granfaloon responds:

Not a bad idea! could work :P


2010-12-23 14:51:14

"Top quality"
Well I just got shot down XD


2010-12-23 15:17:58

omg...This means The Real Legend of Zelda is coming out soon..
...I think I just jizzed...
<I kinda love your series thing>

Anyway I just started practicing on voice acting so I don't think I would be fit for the job. And I'm european so yeah.
I'm gonna send you something anyway because there's no harm in trying.


2010-12-23 15:42:20

Expect something from me by New Years.


2010-12-23 15:54:03

I will send you one as soon as I can. I am just starting but its worth a try.


2010-12-23 18:11:25

um amateur voice actor hear ive done a machinima or two(im palying the role of eames in a spoof of inception, apprently i sound like him o.o). if ya gave me a line i could go ahead and give it ago .-. note: im british :P


2010-12-23 18:14:30

Sapphire. -> http://sapphire.newgrounds.com/


2010-12-23 20:03:50

I might try out King Zora, even though the description confounds me a bit.


2010-12-23 20:19:41

This looks pretty cool man, I'll give it a shot in the morning. :)


2010-12-23 23:08:11

dude nami looks hot lol i got some ideas for improvements though (add nipples)


2010-12-23 23:36:35

What kind of voices do you need done? If you've got any reference voices I can listen to, I can definitely take a shot at doing one or two voices for you. :3


2010-12-24 02:09:33

i would like to try. I can do a godfather sounding voice or similar to it for king zora. but for the amoeba, well im kinda look'n more into what kinda 'cool' your looking for


2010-12-24 04:38:37

I might try out, if you don't mind a British accent.

It'll have to be in a few weeks when I get back home, though. (On holiday for Christmas)


2010-12-24 04:41:53

oh man some bad names thrown out here lol


2010-12-24 08:26:13

is there any certain lines you want read out with the character audition?

Granfaloon responds:

Not realy anything youd like to say could work :D


2010-12-24 21:47:58

Merry Christmas!


2010-12-27 11:01:09

Please, PLEASE have a Rina-Chan cameo in RLoZ4.


2010-12-27 23:42:42

It's Navi! :D


2010-12-28 17:30:07

I woulld love to help u out with this just send me a message on my page and ill help u out with voice acting or whaever XD p.s. love the series good job


2011-01-06 02:29:27

hahaha nasty fat voice xD I can only do a really good nerd (i play wow so you know its accurrate). I know you're probably done by now, but I'm sure that I can fill that "Pimply Teenager with a mouthfull o metal" quite well... I dont have braces, but I have ways...
But.. yeah im really limited to either that or a semi epic sorta thing. ANYWAYS, good luck, I love your series, i found it on NG almost 2 years back, loved it from the first minute.


2011-03-13 05:36:26

I want to be part of your wonderful animation Sir! I shall send you a PM with more information about my Voice Acting!!


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