Auditions almost over!

2011-01-06 21:47:48 by Granfaloon

Thanks to everybody for the support and all the guys who sent demos, I want all of them to know that I'm saving their info for an upcoming proyect that's cooking, even those that wont participate in the TRoZ, they're all great!
Auditions will end on january 10th remember to send your demo for king zora and the amoeba to


Auditions almost over!


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2011-01-06 22:14:16

Can't wait.


2011-01-06 23:24:47

I want to see it!!.


2011-01-07 00:43:05

I don't think my heart can take it.
Please be quick.


2011-01-07 04:01:32

Love the series can't wait for part 4 :D
(Also, pic above is ice cavern?)

Granfaloon responds:

hehe yeah :D


2011-01-07 09:43:01

I would do it if I had a mic. >_>


2011-01-07 18:23:36

Seeing a new...News almost gave me a heart attack, Still can't wait!!!!


2011-01-07 22:01:04

Jajah! Ahora si le veo un futuro mas cercano a la llegada de tu trabajo! *Cheers!*
Que hayas disfrutado las fiestas pasadas =P y Feliz Año jeje.
Ya sabes, tu trabaja en tus proyectos como desees y tomate el tiempo que sea necesario, nosotros tenemos la culpa de ansiar tanto tu trabajo al adorar tus series =P jeh.
"Godspeed..." =P
y otro Salud por el ingenio artistico del mexicano =)!


2011-01-09 22:52:44

wow, your first post in months...... am I dreaming?


2011-01-10 06:17:21

@TrueTauRenegade this isn't his first in months, last month he posted that trloz 4 was almost done and that he was looking for someone to do the voice of king zora.


2011-01-10 20:23:32

dang it hurry up, ive been checking every day for 3 months, im getting impatient!


2011-01-11 01:35:14

Oh Captain, my Captain I wish you amazing auditions as I don't have a mic.

@TrueTau: It is the second post in months! Not checking daily I see.


2011-01-11 06:35:15

@fierybird, dude, do you know how long it takes to animate stuff? and not only that but granfaloon has gone through problem after problem while making it. if i went through half the trouble he's gone through to get this done, i'd have given up, and for that, he deserves all the patience we can give. if he were to rush like people like you ask for, the animation wouldn't be as great, just look at the first 2 trloz episodes then watch the 3rd. see the difference? there are plenty of other things to do on the internet while we wait for the next episode.


2011-01-18 19:47:21

i hope you throw in a joke about how the mer lady is in love with link
(forgot her name T.T)