Introducing my new creative agency site

2011-07-28 14:28:38 by Granfaloon

Hi there! Just wanted to let you all know about my new website, im working on the animation portafolio still. but id like t know if you guys like it and well theres a like button at the botom if you wanna support
any feedback is welcome!

Introducing my new creative agency site


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2011-07-28 14:37:31

What's it about?

Granfaloon responds:

Its a creative agency, we take care of ilustration, animation and postproduction, grapphic design overall, web design.


2011-07-28 14:46:30

looks really awesome man! hope it all goes well

Granfaloon responds:

Thanks! me too!


2011-07-28 14:52:49

cool design bro


2011-07-28 15:26:10

Very cool :)


2011-07-30 16:04:47

Hey dude good luck!

...just dont forget the real legend :D jk jk jk

Granfaloon responds:

Hahaha I wont bro! :D


2011-08-06 19:47:09

Nice design! Here is a little question that has been bothering me.. Wich temple is next? Shadow or Spirit? Or... both?


2011-09-11 06:26:59

Before reading your post this was my reaction/intention:

I was like: okay Lets look on Granfaloons site if he has a blog or anything for the progress on another possible real legend! :D

Snaps...Services? What is this a food delivery service? Do they deliver sea food? fresh fish? oysters?

back to your ng page.... AAAAAWHHH!@!!!! It's some sort of animation business aaaaawh okay!......................So where is his blog?


2011-09-13 02:28:48

And don't forget Valhalla Knights! I like, very nice!


2011-10-02 09:43:47

It looks amazing, i can't wait til it's done right now (as i do for TRL XD)


2011-11-26 03:26:39

Let's say I'm not very keen about scrolling all the way down to click on "web design." You could take all these examples you have displayed and organize them on their own appropriate site pages, leaving a link to them underneath their appropriate category. For example, examples of your work on web design could be put on their separate site page, with a link to that site page right underneath the web design banner.
At the same time, you could place the each translated English underneath the Spanish text instead of beside them, allowing you to organize, by tiles, the presentation of the services your agency offers.


2012-01-23 16:44:42

hey are you still working on the real legend of zelda? I havent connected for years and i was thinking of your serie. It is great man, you know?


2012-03-09 08:14:23




2012-03-25 10:05:36

Well with out saying how much i Love your animations.
It feels ailttle to clustered like when i go into it. I feel almost overwhelmed and confused as to want i am going into. That can throw people off i think you kinda need aliitle more of a guide so people know exactly what you are making or doing.
Like example your old site simple easy you knew the point sometimes a introductions to the site may help. but that may be just my opinion. Say what you do what you offer then throw them the site maybe give example that are also optional to skip too other wise the layout is nice but need organizing so even a simple person can come in and just "click" and figure it out.
Again I like it just my opinion your creations in flash and art have truly inspiring me since dirty doll creations still love it.
Thank you man can't wait to see more just another average fan.


2012-06-24 11:03:22

Man you're just amazing!!! You're simply a genius, I love your animations


2012-12-05 02:14:27

When can we expect The Real Legend Of Zelda 5???
I need it!


2012-12-31 00:41:24

It has been great to watch you grow as an animator over the years. thank you very much for your efforts. Good luck with your new website!


2013-02-14 06:02:27

When the hell are you going to make The Real Legend 5?
Really could use it.
Especially with how we got jipped on 4.


2013-03-26 21:04:43

New "The Real Legend" Please ^^


2013-06-27 06:55:18

Can you link us the songs you used in NG Showdown? They're just too good to pass up.


2013-08-21 18:14:54

you're not coming back, do you?


2013-09-28 23:15:21

I miss you... just say something at least. :(


2013-12-09 03:59:54

Me thinks he has gone the way of Bitey of Bracken Wood.

Still I hope that perhaps one day he will magically come back and post the finished series, evern though it is probably a futile hope.

RIP The Real Legend.


2015-06-25 04:19:23

Well, here I am again. I came back to see if anything had changed on this account but apparently not. I personally am okay knowing that Granfaloon went on to do his personal goals and will appreciate what he brought to my childhood, but I feel somewhat empty not knowing what he was doing with his animations, or his life in general and feel that might be the reason why I came back to try to fill the emptiness. The reason I care is because Granfaloon wasn't just a nobody, he was a good friend that would make me laugh with is ideas when I was a kid. the way he left was very unceremoniously and sudden as if he was cut off in mid thought and moved on to another one. Maybe there is something out in the web that tells of what he is doing, besides the creative agency, and I just haven't looked, but it should not matter because this site was like his old office desk, and I just come back hoping to see an old friend sitting in it again. It seems I got a bit off topic, But I digress. Anyone who feels the same way and still hope that any series of Granfaloon will one day come back, do not worry because you are not alone. I feel that as long as I know I am not the only one who misses Granfaloon, things will be okay. Thank you to anyone who read this and came back looking for something. Hopefully you find what it is you are missing.


2015-08-01 16:50:39

Thanks legend, i was feeling the same too.


2015-09-25 11:08:04

Not the only one hoping a come back. It is a great memory from my childhood and I stll love it.


2015-10-12 15:09:32

Legendtobe, you have articulated how many of us feel.


2016-10-15 11:59:39

I really hate to say this but that site ceased to exist, might as well just go back at what you're good at on newgrounds