Entry #1

Old submissions!

2008-02-29 15:46:07 by Granfaloon

I was watching my 1st sumbmissions and daaamnnnnn they suck haha but I can`t hide my roots, so you can see what a bad animator I once was hehe, althou I can see some remarkable improvements in my animations if you compare them with my 1st piece i want more MOOOREEEEEE haha i still need to get better.
but anyway! I was reading the reviews from my old flashes and I`d like to thank all of you for your commets , I wa planning to delet the crappy stuff but I think I´ll leave it so you can have a little fun laughing at the crappyness hehehe.


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2008-03-01 23:53:33

first one. lol, it took u three years to complete the second?! lol. it was a really good flash though. keep up the work. =P


2008-03-03 23:28:01

are you gonna continue the real legend of zelda?


2008-03-04 09:38:03

I think he is going to do The Real Legend 3, but no pressure...

Anyway, i dont think he is gonna do all seven temples... That is to an 6! :D

Granfaloon responds:

yep i will till the end of the game, im taking a bit to animate but be patient, it eont be as long as TRL2 but itll come faster i promise!


2008-03-06 09:17:18

Thanks for answer Gran! No pressure, take your time to do it :)


2008-03-07 13:14:16

When is the third episode of Valhalla knights coming out or at least have you started it. I must know your stuff rocks but dude never be ashamed of your roots cause if it wasn't for them you wouldn't rock so much. Respond if you can

Granfaloon responds:

thnx man! some ppl told me that aswell and that changed my mind of deleting them, im not prud you know! lol but i hope ppl can see how much improvement ive had and that they can have too!


2008-03-08 23:18:45

Hey man, all good art takes time to master, and your shit is great enough even without the improvements. :D

Only thing I can complain about is the time, but I cant bitch too much cause I gots no talent at all. :P


2008-03-09 16:33:12

Ive been a fan since the beginning regardless of the "crapiness." great job on Valhalla II. please continue being awesome.


2008-03-09 18:41:59

You won some of the NG prize money. Congrats. Did the check come in yet? :)


2008-03-13 10:10:37

hey i jus wanted to say tht your real loz KICKS ASS its well gd and thank god ur making more im tellin you your real zelda stuff iz the sorta stuff id pay money for


2008-03-14 18:57:48

I liked the Alien Report series myself.


2008-03-18 17:43:42


they were filled with lol

Granfaloon responds:

coming in a few months!!


2008-03-20 17:50:51

Well well, improvements are awesome., And you've improved well! Keep up the awesome work! :D I love all you'r animations, old or new, Cheers!


2008-04-14 13:10:30

we still love you


2008-05-06 05:18:09

I love your Real Legend of Zelda series! Are you making a 3rd? I hope you do 'cuz it's AWESOME!! Pluz Navi's kinda hot lol the voices go well with th chars also! 3 questions: 1. Is their going to be any Romantic scenes like actual kissing in it or not? 2.Is there going to be any nudity? hehe sry but I'm aa perv hehe! 3. How long is it going to be b4 it comes out? If you don't mind would you plz reply to my questions thx! and Keep up the good work!


2008-05-08 21:57:20

good luck on real legend 3 jerry :P


2008-06-12 15:33:15

Hey how much do you think untill legend of zelda 3?
just estimate. :)


2008-08-30 01:58:19

at least you have inproved kid, thats all that really matters