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Granfaloon's News

Posted by Granfaloon - 1 month ago

Hello everybody!

Release date got pushed  back a bit to make sure graphic quality and audio meet the expectations.

As an apology, here's a doodle.




Posted by Granfaloon - October 18th, 2018

Hey there!

Back with some more news!

Everything is going well, animating process is almost done and I expect to have this done by this year's end, but it could be pushed to January due to audio reasons, also not finding the original Navy voice is pushing me to  cast her again, along with the new characters with lines for this installment.

Navy invites you all amazing voice actors to be part of this series, please send  your demo at: jerry@snapsca.com along with your info for proper credits and part you're interested in playing :)

UPDATE: We got our Navi, she will be played by the very talented Julie Park!

Also support my social networks and check them out! ;)






Posted by Granfaloon - March 15th, 2018

Working on some backdrops for the new installment of the Real Legend.

Can anyone spot this place?494889_152113880512_03Entrance.jpg

Also, support this artwork I did of the Classic Zelda´s "Old Man", check it on my artstation link :D



Posted by Granfaloon - November 4th, 2017

Sorry for the long wait... 


(animation frame)

Love you all!


Posted by Granfaloon - July 28th, 2011

Hi there! Just wanted to let you all know about my new website, im working on the animation portafolio still. but id like t know if you guys like it and well theres a like button at the botom if you wanna support
any feedback is welcome!


Introducing my new creative agency site

Posted by Granfaloon - January 11th, 2011

Hello everybody!
Thnx for all the support again, All the roles are filled up with some great artists, thanks to everyone that sent their demos, all their info will be kept for future proyects, and some more Real Legend episodes.
Now lets keep animating and finish this sucker, I'll keep you posted.


Auditions done

Posted by Granfaloon - January 6th, 2011

Thanks to everybody for the support and all the guys who sent demos, I want all of them to know that I'm saving their info for an upcoming proyect that's cooking, even those that wont participate in the TRoZ, they're all great!
Auditions will end on january 10th remember to send your demo for king zora and the amoeba to bolt009@hotmail.com


Auditions almost over!

Posted by Granfaloon - December 23rd, 2010

TRLoZ is now on the works and dont worry its not starting, its about half way through and now that I have more time FINALY to animate you can expect it to be finished around january or beginings of february :D, Sorry to keep you waiting years for each episode, thats gonna change now dont worry.

So I Hope I'll be counting with excelent Voice Talents like Francine Louise, Tine Riss, Lucien, Joshua Tomar, FP among others that I hope can fill some of these character shoes.

King Zora: nasty fat voice, not too anoying.
Amoeba: Sean William Scott kinda voice (or any cool type of voice).

If you think you can make a fiting voice even if its not what im asking above, feel free to send your demo as well!

If interested please Email me at bolt009@hotmail.com with a short demo of the voice
you'd like to play.
Also please send mp3 files top quality.
Peace to all have a great christmas!!

Voice Actors Needed! for The Real Legend of Zelda 4

Posted by Granfaloon - July 5th, 2010

haha what's up again! looks like Il be having more time to animate due to my resignation on sep/15/2010
Im moving to a nother city with a new bussiness plan, thats gonna give me more time to animate an do the things I love thank God! In the mean time like Ive been doing it,I'll animate in the free bits of time I have.
Thnx all of you for your support on the last post!
Ill keep ya informed :P

Posted by Granfaloon - June 4th, 2010

I want to apologize for all those waiting for TRLoZ4, I'm in the middle of a crisis and Ive had some bumps on the way, just wanted to let know that its still on production and it will be finished sooner or later I just want say sorry for taking so long on this stuff, probably some of you are running out of patience but hang in there please, it probably will take some years to finish the whole series but it will be done to the last chapter of the game.